Yugawara FUKIYA


*If you have any questions, please email us at
yugawarafukiya@air.ocn.ne.jp & fukiyainnewyork@gmail.com

Taste our seasonal dishes Taste our seasonal dishes

Japanese fresh products from the sea

Our menu changes monthly.
Our dishes are a delight to both your eyes and your palate.

We would like you to enjoy our truly delicious seasonal dishes.

seasonal dishes

We spent time and effort to perfect our dishes.

We use materials in season. Our dishes change every month.


Breakfast at Fukiya is sheer luxury.

We provide the fresh steamed rice just cooked in the morning in our original earthenware.
Also we toast high-quality seaweed on Japanese hibachi.
You can enjoy not only the taste but also the aroma.

Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

Fukiya Rice
Fukiya Rice

The freshly-made steamed rice is wonderfully delicious.
We can cook steamed rice for your dinner to fit your schedule. Keisui rice (a type of famous Koshihikari rice grown in Fukushima) is used at Fukiya.

Fukiya Seaweed
Fukiya Seaweed

Kuwana seaweed is a seaweed type which is grown in the Kiso River.
It has a strong taste and mouth-watering aroma. The slightly salty taste is a special feature of this seaweed.

Fukiya Tofu
Fukiya Tofu

We make tofu every morning with Toyomasari soy beans grown in Hokkaido.
These soybeans are a bit sweeter than other soy beans.
Please taste it with our slightly thick soy sauce with kudzu.

Fukiya Miso

We soak a piece of kombu (Japanese seaweed) and niboshi (dried young anchovis) into water overnight. Then finish with adding katsuo for aroma. After that, we dissolve miso and mix them together.


We can take additional orders such as a kuroge beef steak and awabi (Japanese abalone) steak.
Please contact us and make a reservation.


We have many kinds of drinks such as Japanese sake, wine, Japanese shochu, draft beer, local beer,
Japanese plum, liquor, whisky and bourbon.