Yugawara FUKIYA


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At our hotel, we consider "omotenashi"
hospitality most important.

Fukiya, located in Yugawara, has been known as a hot-spring spa for a long time.

Yugawara is a historic town near Tokyo.
Fukiya reminds us of the serenity of ancient times.
The beautiful window view and tastes of seasons will make us relax.
You can relax in your room or in your bathtub as long as you like.

Fukiya has 7 reserved hot-springs and comfortable rooms with Japanese-style decor.
You can also enjoy our Japanese cuisine with fresh fish and vegetables.

Yugawara hot spring water wells up 24 hours a day.
I wonder what she’s thinking of me.
I hope she likes me and her passion for me is just like that of Yugawara Hot Spring.
I cannot handle this and keep myself calm because she doesn’t say anything to me.

The History of Yugawara

Yugawara is warm all year round, and is written about in Manyoushu.
They say that it works for all diseases.
Also, many writers and artists have visited Fukaya to relax.
It is surrounded by grand nature and offers products of the sea and mountains.
It has been very popular as a travel destination.

Yugawara FUKIYA "Omotenashi"

About our Barrier-free Facilities
バリアフリー対応 We have installed handrails in the stairways in the buildings.
We want you all to spend a comfortable time here, so we have installed handrails everywhere including the large public bathroom and your private room.
Seasonal desserts... Special hot spring facial packs New towel slippers
Seasonal desserts Seasonal desserts are available such as kanten with beans, snow cones, herb teas and draft beers.
We will bring them directly to your room upon request.
special hot spring facial packs For women, our special hot spring facial packs are available Yugawara hot spring’s ingredients are very gentle to our skin. new towel slippers Please put the new towel slippers on after taking a bath.
Hard mattresses & Pajamas Humidifier Morning coffee
humidifier In winter, there’s a humidifier in your room. Hard mattresses One pair of hard mattresses is available on your futon.
They will make you easier to get out of bed.
Pajamas with 100% cotton are available when you sleep.
Morning coffee Morning coffee is available from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the lobby.
Seasonal original fragrances Special occasion Midnight snacks
Seasonal original fragrances Seasonal original fragrances and white aroma vessels are available. special occasion Festive red rice is available if you come on a special occasion.
Please tell us in advance and make a reservation.
Midnight snacks Midnight snacks (ex. rolled sushi) are available upon request.
DVD/CD players Rental wheelchairs
DVD/CD players All rooms have DVD/CD players.
Please bring your own DVD/CDs and enjoy them.
Please make yourself at home.
Rental wheelchairs Rental wheelchairs are available.
Rental Equipment There are many kinds of rental equipment.
If you want or need anything, please ask anytime.

Please email us at